About Us

Why We Exist:

We exist to connect people to nature and develop a society that is highly empathetic towards their environmental and wildlife heritage.

Vision: Connecting people to nature through adventure and storytelling.


We connect people to nature by creating stories about adventure and make them available to the public through relevant platforms thus raising a movement of Africans with empathy towards their environment and wildlife. 

Naloolo Explorers is a Kenya based social enterprise that puts passionate modern day African explorers in the media to tell stories of their continent.

Our Theory of Change: 

There are two things that worry us about the environment in Africa. The first is that more and more Africans are disconnected from nature as they embrace urbanisation. Many can no longer link their future to the existence of pristine grasslands, forests, oceans and wildlife.

We believe that the natural environment has a direct effect on people’s wellbeing and maintaining its integrity is the responsibility of every individual within the society. The current disconnect needs to be dealt with.

Secondly, even though Africa has dramatically changed in the last century, the story of exploration and its tellers have not changed since the arrival of the first European explorers in the 15thcentury. Western travel and conservation media outlets still majorly control the narrative.  

We believe that the story telling space needs to be expanded to accommodate the natives of Africa. Expanding it will bring not just add Africans voices to the media but millions of audiences that will re-connect with their lands, cultures and wildlife heritage.

How will it be done?

We will depend on African wanderers who are out there to tell their stories on this platform. If you would like to be published, please get in touch with us get in touch through jkisaid@gmail.com
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