Into the Unknown: Hike to the Everest Base Camp

Do I stop walking in the middle of nowhere because I just cannot take any more step or do I keep pushing, even though it’s becoming physically impossible? Is it my mind that’s giving up or my legs? What will my parents say if I fell down from a 400 feet see-through suspended bridge inContinue reading “Into the Unknown: Hike to the Everest Base Camp”

The call of Mt. Whitney, Contiguous USA Highest Peak

I started hiking a few years ago because it is a bit of a mix of sports and outdoors, both of which I enjoy. At the beginning of 2016, I set a goal to hike Mt.Whitney, the highest summit in the contiguous United States and the Sierra Nevada with an elevation of 14,505 ft (4421Continue reading “The call of Mt. Whitney, Contiguous USA Highest Peak”

Ololokwe: In the clouds of a perfect mountain

Perfect timing for a perfect Mountain!  Mt Ololokwe aka Oldoinyio Sapache  is my last major hike for 2018.  It not only closed a remarkable hiking year but also a milestone for a mountain that has deep spiritual connections among the Maa speakers of Northern Kenya. It was only fair that I came here after Oldoinyio Lengai– another shrineContinue reading “Ololokwe: In the clouds of a perfect mountain”

Naloolo: The Spirit of African Exploration

I am an Explorer. An explorer is a traveller-storyteller, a seeker of the unknown. I travel and tell stories of our people, mountains, rangelands, rivers and wildlife in East Africa. I have traveled to 40 countries around the world – Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.  One of my favourite accomplishments so far was drivingContinue reading “Naloolo: The Spirit of African Exploration”

Ngong Hills Adventure: Hiking with My Father

My name is Timpiyian Nanana Kisimir.  I am 13 years old.  I am going to tell you about my experience of a recent hike on Ngong Hills. Ngong Hills is a series of seven peaks. We started early walking up the first hill from the gate (I, dad and brother, Lemayian) after saying hello to the rangers.Continue reading “Ngong Hills Adventure: Hiking with My Father”

Naserian Maasai Mara Camp: Nature, Culture and Luxury

One of the negative aspects of Kenya’s tourism sector is the simplification of African cultures. The much you would encounter in most Maasai Mara lodges and camps is a little Maasai dance – just colour, men jumping, mostly singing about nothing. You might also stop by a manyatta –  where poor school drop outs and theirContinue reading “Naserian Maasai Mara Camp: Nature, Culture and Luxury”

Kileleoni Hill: The Roof Of Maasai Mara

For the most part, Maasai Mara consists of flat land with a few hills and many ridges. The safari paradise with its vast plains is overwhelmingly beautiful but can also get dull. So, some members of Friends of Maasai Mara sought a new challenge by hiking to the highest point in the horizon. I first tookContinue reading “Kileleoni Hill: The Roof Of Maasai Mara”

Maasai Mara: Perfect Calm Before the Wildebeest Storm

This is one of the most beautiful moments in the Maasai Mara ecosystem. We have had months of unbelievable rain. It is lash green – tall grass. Areas of the game reserve that were once degraded by thousands of livestock that grazed illegally at night for years have healed. And this is such a relief.Continue reading “Maasai Mara: Perfect Calm Before the Wildebeest Storm”