Loita: The Forest of the Lost Child

On top of my bucket list this year were Oldoinyo Lengai and Loita Forest (Entim Enaimina Enkiyio). Oldoinyo Lengai hike took place in April and is probably the most dramatic adventure so far. I hold it dear because of the spiritual connection of my late paternal grandmother, Nembulung. With a team of fellows from TheContinue reading “Loita: The Forest of the Lost Child”

Ngong Hills Adventure: Hiking with My Father

My name is Timpiyian Nanana Kisimir.  I am 13 years old.  I am going to tell you about my experience of a recent hike on Ngong Hills. Ngong Hills is a series of seven peaks. We started early walking up the first hill from the gate (I, dad and brother, Lemayian) after saying hello to the rangers.Continue reading “Ngong Hills Adventure: Hiking with My Father”

Kileleoni Hill: The Roof Of Maasai Mara

For the most part, Maasai Mara consists of flat land with a few hills and many ridges. The safari paradise with its vast plains is overwhelmingly beautiful but can also get dull. So, some members of Friends of Maasai Mara sought a new challenge by hiking to the highest point in the horizon. I first tookContinue reading “Kileleoni Hill: The Roof Of Maasai Mara”

Lost for Words at Orbatatata Gorge

The name is Orbatatata! It is a tongue twister even to native speakers. It is a beautiful gorge and here, I am trying to describe the indescribable – its display crushed my comprehension. I looked. I gasped. I shuddered with awe. Orbatatata gorge means “The Massive Fall” in Maa language –  a hidden gem that starts from theContinue reading “Lost for Words at Orbatatata Gorge”

Young Kenyans Seeking Adventure, Freedom in Nature

As the old saying goes, “A wise traveler must never despise his own country.” So this Sunday, I took my spiritual warfare to Ngong Hills. I consider this place in my home County (Kajiado) as one of the most beautiful mountains that I know. And just a quick reminder that the original name is Oldoinyio (Mt)Continue reading “Young Kenyans Seeking Adventure, Freedom in Nature”

Humbled by the Majesty of Oldoinyo Lenkai

This is a journey of a “thousand” miles and it took me ten days to settle emotions and write it down. It is 2:45AM at the base of Oldoinyo Lenkai, one of the few active volcanoes in East Africa but also the spiritual home of the Maasai people. It is called the Mountain of God,Continue reading “Humbled by the Majesty of Oldoinyo Lenkai”