Lost for Words at Orbatatata Gorge

The name is Orbatatata! It is a tongue twister even to native speakers. It is a beautiful gorge and here, I am trying to describe the indescribable – its display crushed my comprehension. I looked. I gasped. I shuddered with awe. Orbatatata gorge means “The Massive Fall” in Maa language –  a hidden gem that starts from theContinue reading “Lost for Words at Orbatatata Gorge”

Kwenia Hike: Cliffs and Vultures Paradise

Months ago, a friend, John Saitoti, cajoled me to join a quick drive to Magadi and that is how I discovered Kwenia – a place of massive cliffs and intimidating valleys, 95Km south of Nairobi. It looked like the Australia that I had seen in the movies or the US wild west, but, the cowboysContinue reading “Kwenia Hike: Cliffs and Vultures Paradise”