Naserian Maasai Mara Camp: Nature, Culture and Luxury

One of the negative aspects of Kenya’s tourism sector is the simplification of African cultures. The much you would encounter in most Maasai Mara lodges and camps is a little Maasai dance – just colour, men jumping, mostly singing about nothing. You might also stop by a manyatta –  where poor school drop outs and theirContinue reading “Naserian Maasai Mara Camp: Nature, Culture and Luxury”

Memories: Before Giraffes Left the Rangelands

My earliest memory of giraffes as a child is of tall, arrogant, condescending, but beautiful giants. Of all the wild animals that we interracted with and admired, the giraffe never lacked colour. First, it stands still and stare down at you as you approached. The huge males would let us get as close as possibleContinue reading “Memories: Before Giraffes Left the Rangelands”