Memories: Before Giraffes Left the Rangelands

My earliest memory of giraffes as a child is of tall, arrogant, condescending, but beautiful giants. Of all the wild animals that we interracted with and admired, the giraffe never lacked colour. First, it stands still and stare down at you as you approached. The huge males would let us get as close as possibleContinue reading “Memories: Before Giraffes Left the Rangelands”

Nairobi to Addis: Day 5- Shashamane & Rastafarians

I usually start my day with prayer – with the face on the mattress, then a reading from The Daily Bread. Today is my birthday and I asked God to keep walking with me on this journey of self-discovery, to give me another chance to start over with Him – to keep forgiving my belligerenceContinue reading “Nairobi to Addis: Day 5- Shashamane & Rastafarians”

Nairobi to Addis: Day 4: Where’s Christmas?

Day 4: Yabelo to Hawassa – Dec 25 Good morning. It is Christmas Day in the rest of the world but not here. People are up and about working as usual. The vehicle arrived driven by a handsome and calm 26-year old fellow. I threw my rucksack to the back seat and we hit theContinue reading “Nairobi to Addis: Day 4: Where’s Christmas?”

Nairobi to Addis Ababa: Day 3 – Not Xmas Eve, Food

Day 3: A Day in Yabelo – December 24, 2017 It was an easy day considering that I was not on the road. I planned to relax and read. There are quite a number of restaurants and coffee places down the street. I walked out for breakfast at about 10AM. To my surprise, there isContinue reading “Nairobi to Addis Ababa: Day 3 – Not Xmas Eve, Food”

Nairobi to Addis: Day 2 – Yabelo!

Day 2: Moyale – Yabelo Dec 23, 2017 I alighted from the bus in Moyale, called my contact who advised that I should make haste and cross to the Ethiopian side because they have power cuts at 10:00AM and that means they will not be doing any immigration work until the afternoon. Breakfast: Liver andContinue reading “Nairobi to Addis: Day 2 – Yabelo!”