On the Footsteps of Marsabit Peacemakers

I am in Marsabit, Kenya’s northern county – a land of camels, mountains, elephants, deserts and diverse people. It is the home of Ahmed – the greatest elephant that ever walked on earth and the only one in history to have been protected by a presidential decree until its death. It is the home ofContinue reading “On the Footsteps of Marsabit Peacemakers”

Nairobi to Addis Ababa: Day 3 – Not Xmas Eve, Food

Day 3: A Day in Yabelo – December 24, 2017 It was an easy day considering that I was not on the road. I planned to relax and read. There are quite a number of restaurants and coffee places down the street. I walked out for breakfast at about 10AM. To my surprise, there isContinue reading “Nairobi to Addis Ababa: Day 3 – Not Xmas Eve, Food”

Nairobi to Addis: Day 2 – Yabelo!

Day 2: Moyale – Yabelo Dec 23, 2017 I alighted from the bus in Moyale, called my contact who advised that I should make haste and cross to the Ethiopian side because they have power cuts at 10:00AM and that means they will not be doing any immigration work until the afternoon. Breakfast: Liver andContinue reading “Nairobi to Addis: Day 2 – Yabelo!”

Nairobi to Addis: Day 1 – Night Bus to Moyale

I knew 2017 wasn’t going to be a great year for me but I vowed to sink it with a bang – with something hard and positive. The Road trip to Addis Ababa on my bucket list came tops of what I should do. This is a solo road trip of 1,600 kilometres by publicContinue reading “Nairobi to Addis: Day 1 – Night Bus to Moyale”